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There are websites especially devoted to providing women largersized versions of favourite designer shoes. The actual differences between each of the shoe sizes are really minimal. There is just a barleycorn separating one size from another. Givingyour shoes to those in need. If your tennis shoes are still in good wearable shape, think aboutdonating them to a charity or a shelter; your old shoes could be ofgreat use to someone else. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are good places to donate, or you can check for local thrift stores or shelters..

The shoe should be well constructed and made of a durable material such as leather, to ensure that it will protect your feet and keep them comfortable.2. Shape. Make sure that your shoes fit properly. Darren Jones, a member of "Guardians of the Children," sat happily on the sidewalk under the Paramount marquee and slid off his strappy, bright yellow platform shoes. "I wanted to do this just to walk a mile in a woman's shoes," he said. "For all they go through, for all they have to put up with, this is just one way to show we're trying to appreciate what they have to deal with.".

Several examples of that beginning with Cain and Able in the Word. I'm sure I'll be bashed for these comments, but someone professing to be a "reverend" (read what bible says about that also), should really read their bible. We have to stop serving ourselves and serve God in the way He has outlined..